Types of Headaches What kind of headache do you have ?

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Types of Headaches

Migraine Headache:

• May occur with or without aura

• Nausea with the headache

• Light sensitivity with the headache

• Interferes with activities

Tension Headache:

• Bilateral

• Non-pulsating pain

• Mild to moderate

• Not worsened by activity

Cluster Headache:

• Frequent occurrence

• Severe

• Brief < 3 hours

• Unilateral

• Ipsilateral tearing, ptosis or miosis

Cervicogenic Headache:

• With neck pain or occipital pain

• Aggravated by neck movement or sustained postures

• May radiate to head or face

Post-Traumatic Headache:

• Begins within 7 days of head injury

• May become chronic if lasts longer than 3 months

Temporomandibular Headache:

• With face pain or tender muscles of mastication

• Painful jaw clenching or locking

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