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Preoperative Assessment of the High-Risk Orthopedic Surgery Patient

This review of guidelines and practice advisories provides the basis of recommendations for Healthcare Providers to stratify high risk patients prior to elective orthopedic surgery. This article is a frame of reference for performing preoperative assessment for patients with comorbidity. Cardiac risk and physiologic stratification tools are provided.

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Chronic Pain Management

Overview of program policies and procedures

The purpose of this manual is to provide guidelines that assist clinicians in the formation of treatment plans for patients with chronic pain. This guideline will outline objective tools to be used to evaluate the efficacy of the treatment plan, and to monitor patient compliance in addition to aiding in risk stratification for those receiving treatment for chronic pain. The collaborative Chronic Pain Committee has a patient centered philosophy, advocates the utilization of multimodal therapies, and follows the principle of safe prescribing with the lowest effective dose.


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