SWIMMING IS GOOD EXERCISE Moderate exercise decreases pain

SwimmingAs we continue to swelter in summer heat, many people focus their recreational activities to the water. But for most people, water activities are limited to a few dives from the board or just sitting poolside. Many benefits can be derived from setting up a regular swim¬≠ming program, including pain reduction and increased function and mobility. Ten minutes of swimming is equivalent to one mile of jogging and its cooler and there is less chance of injury. For the more energetic person, a mile of swimming (66 laps in a 25-meter pool) would equal three miles of jogging. This would take the average swimmer a Half-Hour. Not everyone can jump into the pool and swim a mile. Like any other form of exercise, you should build up endurance and distance gradually. Start with a comfortable number of laps and increase by 2 (two) laps daily. Words of caution, as with any athletic endeavor, always do adequate stretching before engaging in activity.  

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